Feb 11, 2014


This past summer our son was hospitalized 3 times for mental problems and medicine stabilization.
For 5 months we have managed to make it through every emergency without resorting to the hospitalization route.
for the mentally ill there often comes a breaking point...
and the family has to make that TERRIBLE decision to call the police.
Fortunately, our city has a non-emergency number besides the 911 number.
When the police arrive, there's also a team that specializes in mental health calls.
Along with the uniformed officers, there's also a non-uniformed social worker.
Both will be part of the evaluation team and will determine if taking your loved one to the mental hospital is necessary.
In our case, it was an easy decision.
After a week at the hospital and a change in medication, our loved one is doing a little better.
Still we live day to day.
Time for a 5 minute break.

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