May 2, 2013


A very popular song carries these words....and I like them.
Broken families; it sounds so final and so tragic.
But bent families...sounds like the parts are still there
and with a little help
all could be shaped, molded, and realigned.
Today, some city workers came to my garden to trim
branches near the electric wires.
They hurt a lot of my plants.
Some were snapped off....completely broken.
It will take many months for them to mend.
And they may never heal completely.
Others were bent.
Still intact and still able to function.
And still able to grow...
Just like our OCD families.
Today's 5 minute break is the best version
of the not broken, just bent song.
I've listened to dozens of versions and these three friends score a perfect 10.
Enjoy your break
and thanks for stopping by today.


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