May 9, 2013


Have you ever wondered how important hope is?
Hope has to be a large part of the equation 
with OCD and many other debilitating conditions.
To gain more hope, DO NOT look at the big picture.
You will only feel overwhelmed.
Take each step and break it into even smaller steps.
Ask, will I do one thing now instead of putting it off?
Will I do another and another
until the progress starts to add up?
Try it and congratulate yourself on small accomplishments.
Don't look at the big least not for a week or two.
That way you'll have time to do hundreds of small things!
List every small task you do and watch the miracle happen.
Tell a supportive family member what you are doing and watch them smile!
And remember, one petal does not a flower make, but without it,
the flower would not be complete.
Today's break is from a lost artist named
David Hewitt.
Play one note and another and another
and see what kind of music you can make..
just like this beautiful song.

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My son's sunflower out in the garden!


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