May 29, 2013


Right from the start
you have to decide what to do with your anger.
...Anger about the wasted time
....about the wasted efforts
....and wasted emotions
....wasted money
and wasted visits
to doctors
to counselors
to helpers
of every description.
Diseases make people angry.
And if you're a caregiver
and a family member
your life goes left instead of right
day in and day out.
But I'll tell you a secret...
Anger is a terrible partner in the car seat next to you
on your journeys.
Better to open the door and throw him out on the pavement.
And don't leave that seat empty.
Open the door to love
to hope
and to prayer.
Those are much better partners in the seat next to you
and wherever the road leads
they will smile and hold your hand...
even through the valley of the shadow of death.
Today's song is 'Lead Me' by a Sanctus Real.
Enjoy your 5 minute break.

a friend's garden here in Houston


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