May 11, 2013


It's nice to see successful people.
Do they make you happy or just plunge 
you into depression?
You ask, why can't I be popular
or successful or happy?
I have a very good friend that, to the outside world, has very little
'face value'.
Yet, she is one of the happiest people I know.
What makes her that way?
I would say it's her confidence and a love for people.
And she finds other happy people to be with.
What's so strange is the flip side of all this.
I know a very nice person with lots of 'face value'.
She's got everything going for her, but is so
riddled with self-doubt and worry
that none of that matters.
Like yourself as you are...and don't change a thing!
Today's  5 minute break is from a very young and confident British singer.
There's no band...
No background vocals....
She's all alone &
that takes courage!!!
Enjoy the song &
thanks for stopping by.

One of my photos from my plant collection and some help
from photoshop. 
Just for you!


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