Jun 25, 2013


The line up of 'bad guys' when it comes to caffeine
SUNDROP= 63mg caffeine
Lipton Can of Tea (not shown)=  only 8mg caffeine
AMP energy = 142mg caffeine (you'd have to float away drinking 17 3/4 cans of tea to equal the caffeine)
FULL THROTTLE=200 mg of caffeine (equivalent to 20 cans of Lipton tea!)
Only after the terrible mood swings, anger, verbal attacks, irritability, and threats
did we start to suspect that our son had added something to his diet.
The energy drink addiction started when he was given a FREE sample 
at the local rodeo when he was 14 years old.
Caffeine addiction is a threat to many people with OCD because
it puts their intrusive thoughts into overdrive.
For our son, he appears frozen in place like a statue
after having too much caffeine.
That's because every thought and action is blocked
by his OCD mind telling him
 'if he moves this way or sits down
or goes into his room' 
the world
 will end.
So he does nothing but freeze
out of fear of doing something wrong.
Such is our life with OCD & caffeine addiction.
Working through caffeine withdrawal is horrible & also my next topic.
Stay tuned.
Thanks for stopping by.
For today's 5 minute break I'll show you something very different
and very wonderful. 
Shadows will never be the same.

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