Jun 11, 2013


Today we spent 4 hours
at our MHMR building
to find out if our son could qualify
for housing.
He qualifies in some ways,
but because he does not have
an IQ of 75 or lower,
he does not qualify for housing.
even if he did,
the waiting list has been
frozen by our state (Texas) since
January of 2011!
They were very nice people,
but I could tell they were
just as troubled by
funding cuts as we were.
Each state handles autism, mental health, and OCD differently, so don't
be discouraged. Some states have sufficient funding.
We did get one good lead, and I'll tell you about that in another post.
Time for a 5 minute break!
Here's the Icelandic group 'Of Monsters & Men'
performing 'Mountain Sound'.

from my friend's garden

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