Jun 13, 2013


I don't like writing this.
I was held up at gunpoint in my front yard last week.
He didn't shoot
and I didn't give him my wallet.
We fought to a draw and I'm glad for that.
But as I talked to my friends
some have asked if I had a gun.
The answer is 'no'.
It's not that I'm against them.
I was raised on a large Texas ranch back in the 1960s where we needed guns for
protection against venomous snakes
and sometimes wild packs of dogs.
We were also hunters.
But what stops me now from having a gun
is the unpredictability of children.
You don't have to have a child with OCD
or a child with Autism
to worry about guns in the home.
Just any child will do.
Children and guns don't mix.

Here are some examples of children with guns and what can happen:
Eight year old dies at gun show...

And here's a list of examples collected by a pediatrician of small children who died
accidentally from firing a loaded gun:
Today I found a song that uses an unloaded gun
as part of the sound effects.
I'm not sure it counts as a relaxing 5 minute break.
But it's a much better use of a gun
than a child aiming one at another person.
All for now,

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