Jun 21, 2013


First read this quote:
"I was about 12 or 13 when I developed my eating disorder, and at that time nobody in the public eye talked about their body issues," said Lovato, who has sought treatment in the past for substance abuse, bulimia and bipolar disorder. "I feel that if someone had admitted they had a problem, then I wouldn't have gone down that route myself."
"That's my goal in talking about my problems: I want to be the person for other girls that I needed to admire when I was looking for help and strength," Lovato added, "and it's OK to love your body the way it is, and it's OK to reach out for help if you have drug and alcohol problems, or if you're self-harming or being bullied."
                                                            source: The Huffington Post ~ June 10,2013 online source
When I started this online journal, I had to decide if our son's OCD, autism, caffeine & sugar addictions and social phobias would stay a family secret....or
be out there for the public to see.
The choice became much easier when I started searching on Google for 
other families dealing with these multiple issues.
There wasn't a lot out there to read.
Since that time, I've found celebrities that have faced addictions that could easily ruin their careers and stay hidden from public view. Others have decided to help others with the same struggles.....like Demi Lovato.
And I've decided to do the same.
Here's her song 'Heart Attack' for today's phenomenal 5 minute break. Enjoy!

a flower from my garden

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