Jun 19, 2013


As parents, we work with a psychologist who
specializes in OCD.
Our son has a number of conditions that complicate matters
and this makes it a team effort on what to do first.
Here are the categories:
Asperger Syndrome
Caffeine addiction
Sugar addiction
Panic attacks

Some of these are internal and some have external sources.
For example, you can DECIDE if you want to guzzle an energy drink
loaded with caffeine.
On the other hand,
b you can't DECIDE to have Asperger Syndrome.
You also
 can't decide to have PANIC ATTACKS
or OCD. 
So our son and the pyschologist decided to work on the one area that is
most debilitating.
So....we are starting with PANIC ATTACKS.
PANIC ATTACKS can really ruin a day, a job, a relationship, a life.
So wish us luck!
Today's 5 minute break is another fine song from Nicole Cross.
Here's her version of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky".

from our garden this June day

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