Jun 15, 2013


Each day our son battles OCD
and autism.
The intrusive thoughts are made worse by
having extra sugar and caffeine.
His behavior regarding these two drugs (yes, they are both drugs...albeit legal)
is one of an addict.
Here's today dialogue:
"Dad, I need money for lunch."
"No, eat something here."
"But we don't have anything to eat." (but what he really means is that there's nothing he likes)
"You spent the money  on energy drinks and a bag of chips last time."
"But I won't this time. Just give me another chance." (the mantra of all addicts)
"OK, but where will you go?"
"Taco Cabana and get some tacos."
"Here's $7.00....exactly enough."
he walks in with a bag of chips.
"Did you eat lunch son?"
"Why do you have a bag of chips?"
"I don't know."
"Did you drink an energy drink with caffeine and sugar?"
"I don't remember?"
And of course he did.
His counselor, his doctor, his psychiatrist, a sleep specialist,
and of course his parents have told him that energy
are forbidden since they elevate his OCD off the charts.
And so ends his chances for future money....at least until
we figure out what to do.
Never give an addict cash. Go with them to buy the item they need.
Time for a 5 minute break. Here's the Cello Song
by the Piano Guys. (I know that doesn't make sense...it's a long story.)
Thanks for visiting. It means a lot to have others thinking about & praying for our son.

from my garden

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