Jun 18, 2013


Our son has Asperger Syndrome & OCD.
They work together in strange ways.
Anxiety & fear
can make you think 
someone is out to get you.
His latest idea is that all the fast food places
in the city are being poisoned by
the government
that's why the food tastes bad!
His solution is to eat outside the city
where the food tastes good.
Trying to convince him that this is utter nonsense
takes a lot of work.
He also thinks people are watching him
and that's why he doesn't want to eat in public anymore.
Paranoia has to be stopped and challenged from the very start.
As a parent, keep an open line of  communication.
Ask leading questions like, "...and why would you think that" or
"what else are you thinking about".
Ask, "how did you figure that out?"
Try to get to the reason why they believe someone or something is out to get them.
Hide your shock and NEVER say an idea is stupid.
Most people with OCD usually know these ideas are ridiculous.
 Remember, OCD is an anxiety disorder and
paranoia is a condition
 generated by perceived fears.
try to comfort and calm and reassure your child or loved one.
That's what they need most of all.
But if the paranoia leads to threats or violence, call your psychiatrist or family counselor immediately!
Time for a break!
Here's a song called "Every Breath You Take" by The Police.
One line says....I'll be watching you.
Not the best line for someone with Paranoia!
Enjoy the music.

a flower from our garden

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