Jun 1, 2013


It should be called Caf-FIEND!
Caffeine isn't all that bad if you have a little
and you don't have OCD.
But add any stimulant to your OCD brain 
and look out.
With our 23 year old son with severe OCD
the results are profound
and not pretty.
One night I watched our son reach in and out of our refrigerator
14 times in rapid fire movements
and then not take anything out!
He had had an energy drink and he could 
not make a decision.
On another night I heard him scream in the living room.
I thought he had cut himself accidentally.
Instead, he was screaming at the TV remote
because he could not stop surfing for channels.
Caffeine ramps up OCD....make no mistake.
He can have 1 or 2 regular soft drinks (about 34 mg of caffeine each)
and be OK.
But what about these? How much caffeine starts to affect OCD symptoms?
Kickstart = 92mg of caffeine (bad)
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy = 145 mg of caffeine (brutal effects)
Monster KHAOS= 160 mg of caffeine (OCD goes crazy)
Rockstar Zero Carb= 240 mg (Run for your life)
All of these take his OCD off the charts!
And thankfully, I won't tell you how much in fresh brewed coffee...our
son hates the stuff and we are delighted.
For today's 5 minute break, you get to enjoy Sam Tsui
using his energy to bring you this hilarious video.


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  1. If your son has OCD symptoms, you should not let him have caffeine energy drinks. These are for healthy adults.


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