May 18, 2013


Yesterday our son was standing around in the living room,
then suddenly started stepping quickly in place, cocking his elbow
and swinging his arms around.
This alarmed our visiting friend and my wife...
so much so that we called our doctor.
His pyschiatrist has mentioned that some of the medications
he is on for OCD
can result in involuntary movements.
And some could trigger very unusual behaviors similar to something called Sydenham's Chorea or
'the dance disease'.
When we asked our son to stop, he said he couldn't.
This went on for many a human marionette with strings.
Scary stuff.
We later found out that he had once again broken
our rules and had an ENERGY DRINK.
His doctor's have told him over and over
caffeine and other stimulants
really play havoc with his brain.

Prognosis for Sydenham's Chorea 

Fifty percent of patients with acute Sydenham's Chorea spontaneously recover after 2 to 6 months whilst mild or moderate chorea or other motor symptoms can persist for up to and over 2 years in some cases. Sydenham's is also associated with psychiatric symptoms with obsessive compulsive disorder being the most frequent manifestation. (source: wikipedia)

If you need a stronger dose than wikipedia, here's the report from NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health)
Today's 5 minute break will make you smile...and maybe get up and dance.
Alex Boye' does the song 'Ho Hey' is perfect style.
Enjoy your break,

a live oak down at the bay


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