Nov 22, 2013


Dear Friends,
If you have a loved one with mental illness, they will invariably ask, plead, bargain, and cajole you to skip their medications.
My advice: firmly say NO!
Someone with diabetes MUST take insulin.
No matter what!
People with high cholesterol MUST take their medicine...
NO matter what!
It's the same with mental health.
It took 3 trips to the mental hospitals here in our city to get it right.
And that's not worth any compromise.
Today we once again let our loved one try and take their medicine independently.
And tonight I've just found out that they skipped it.
So now it's back to being the 'police' and watching them take their meds.
I need a break!
For today's 5 minute break I have a beautiful song by Brandi Carlile. 
It's called "Have You Ever." 
Brandi is one of those folk singers that belong in a group of living legends.
She is an amazing songwriter.

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