Apr 20, 2013


One aspect of OCD that seems to get the most news coverage is the constant 
repetitions caused by the disorder.
My son does not have the 'hand washing' type of OCD, though I
have seen someone with it. His hands were red and raw from putting chemicals 
and soaps on his poor skin.
Our son does have what I call 'directional' OCD since he must go around objects instead of going in a straight line.
He also has what I've termed 'Second Choice' OCD since he will pass up the first choice every time.
His OCD mind tells him to go around things or to pick the second option of drinks, food, even bathrooms.
He will drive to the second gas station to fill up his car.
He will go around a parking lot and decide/undecide 20 or 30 times before picking 
the correct parking spot.
And he will turn on water faucets 4 or 5 times in a row before keeping it on.
The worst example of 'second choice' OCD occurred about 12 years ago.

When he was about 10 years old, he got into the backseat of our car.
Except he didn't.
Instead, he opened then slammed shut the car door and went behind
the car to the other side.
Since I thought he was already in the car, I started to back out of the driveway.
I heard a scream.
It was our son yelling at me to stop.
I had almost run over him with the car.
Never trust the logic of OCD. Instead, trust your eyes. 
Today's break is a much nicer form of repetition...one that will bring you a smile.


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