Jul 21, 2013


One week ago our son was in reality and aware of his surroundings.
His OCD has not turned into Schizophrenia.
And if you have OCD and you worry about this, I have a simple and comforting sentence for you:
If you have the ability to worry about becoming schizophrenic, then you are not schizophrenic.
Move on with a smile because no matter how many times you worry about this, it just isn't a problem.
Our son cannot worry about it any longer because he is not in touch with reality.
He cannot ask that type of question.
Our current idea is that the medications he has taken for the last 10 years that were controlling
his mood disorders/anxiety were also protecting him from the beginning phase of schizophrenia.
The same medication is prescribed for both conditions.
He has always been in reality until this last week.
He has not had a formal diagnosis at the hospital, so I am just guessing what to call it.
But his paranoia, constant talk of conspiracy theories, mind control, voodoo dolls, and the doctors plotting against him all point to paranoid schizophrenia.
As painful as this will be,
I will try to map out a day to day progression so that those who need this information
can find it. 
Like a message in a bottle floating out there on the internet.
I will start tomorrow.
Today's 5 minute break is called 'Gone, gone, gone' because that's how I feel right now
about our son. 
I hope and pray to get him back soon.

We love you son

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