Jul 29, 2013


Our loved one is coming home today from an extended time in a psychiatric ward.
We have no idea what to expect, but we hope for the best.
People with OCD, schizophrenia, mood disorders, and depression often feel like
prisoners of their own minds. They feel powerless.
Perhaps this little story will help.
Victor Frankl had every reason to stop believing.
A prisoner in a Nazi prison camp;
Victor watched as every prisoner came to terms
with losing all and facing death daily.
Victor noticed to his utter amazement that some
prisoners shared their meager rations with others.
No guard could stop this act of kindness.
No force could stop their utter
The were not powerless.
For Victor, he realized at that moment
that no matter how much we have lost
we have one thing inside of us that will always
be safe from any evil force...
that is our decision to be a light
in the face of darkness.
There's much more...but for now
Today's my 100th post and the song is exactly what
we need.
A fun version of
'Don't Stop Believing' by Vance Perry

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