Aug 1, 2013


Our son is out of his second round in a Psychiatric Hospital.
He is now in a Partial Hospitalization Program
and he is fighting hard to not be depressed.
It's our job as parents to always stay OPTIMISTIC
to stay POSITIVE
to PRAISE the small accomplishments.
Mental illness is not anyone's fault,
and it can happen suddenly
to just about anyone.
Read some of the online stories and you'll see.
We take no small victory for granted.
The idea of JOY is slowly returning.
The idea that there is a BETTER FUTURE is creeping into the dark cave
that we call mental illness.
The medicines can meet us half way,
but there needs to be a circle of smiling faces
around the campfire
looking back at each other
and PUSHING BACK THE DARKNESS...which leads me to this song...
It's called 'Pushing Back the Dark' by Josh Wilson
Light a Candle and listen
and then listen again and again.
My gift to you, my friend.
You do not sit there in the darkness alone.
I'm here with you.
"The Simple Version" of the song:
The "Fancy" Version of the song:

butterflies in a store

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