Aug 12, 2013


I'm so glad I'm writing all this down so that I can see where we've been and where we are going.
Our son is on week two of a Partial Hospital Program as part of his treatment for a mental collapse during this summer. Here's this week's review:
Week 2
Monday: Did not want to go to the treatment program. Did not want to take his meds and asked why we were doing all this. He is on 4 meds right now during this fragile time. Afternoon was good and he was in higher spirits.
Tuesday: Was more agreeable. Doctor added an med he used to be on for mood stabilization. This made a remarkable difference in a positive way.
Wednesday: Better day. Good night. Physical workout each night helps immensely with depression.
Thursday: Same good day as Wednesday.
Friday: Asked why he had to go to program. Difficulty taking meds, but finally agreed.
Saturday: We stayed home for most of the day and relaxed.Went to small party for a friend but was overwhelmed by noise. Went with brother to a coffee shop. This was better.
Sunday: Went to church for the first time in months. Better day.
Went out with friends all day and up until 10:00 PM at night. Too long of a day, but positive until having to take meds. 
Monday: Could not wake up in time to catch bus. Had to take him to classes.
All in all, there's very little depression this week and no violence or outward yelling.
He needs lots of space.
Downside: Short term memory is being wiped out by his medications. No long term effect, but still scary.
For today's 5 minute break, I'll take you to a wonderful song by Mandisa. If you've never experienced Mandisa, then hold on. She's a powerful positive influence in this world and I love her music!

drawing by Paul Klee

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