Jul 14, 2013


It is helpful to think of OCD as not really being a part of YOU.
Instead it is a set of thoughts that come from fears.
We all have fears and our brains can imagine the worse.
But with OCD, the thoughts don't stay small.
The scary thoughts don't seem to listen to reason.
And the comfort and reassurance of others don't seem to count.
OCD has been called the 'what if' disease.
What if I don't check the lights?
What is I don't check the stove?
What if the house burns down?
What if I don't check the locks and a thief breaks in?
What if I don't count things exactly enough times
or put things back exactly like they need to be?
OCD thoughts are like bullies.
But this bully seems to know your every weakness.
If this is the case, please consider getting this book:
It's written by someone with OCD and knows how to deal with this bully.
I'm reading it with our son and it's starting to help.
We are facing the bully we call OCD.
And we are fighting back.
Today's break is from Phillip Phillips and it's called 'Home'. 

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