Feb 10, 2013


"Giving thanks always for all things unto God."   Ephesians 5:20

Can you give thanks for your situation? Probably the thought has never entered your mind. How can a soldier fighting in the trenches give thanks for the war?
Someday the war will be over. Someday we'll find answers to all the nagging questions.
I'm thankful you are willing to take a break as a caregiver! You did a good job today. And if you weren't perfect at it, cheer up and enjoy this break anyway.

Today's flower just for you. It's from my garden.
It's called Coreopsis 'Route 66'.
Hope you like it.

And now for your 'movie'. This is a little video I found out about from one of my students.
It's a bunch of guys playing the piano, but in a very creative way.
The lesson: if the regular way of doing things doesn't work with your loved one, innovate!
Enjoy the video and I'll see you here next week.
Remember, you did a good job this week so enjoy your break.


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