Feb 24, 2013


"Rejoice in the Lord, always....and again I say rejoice"
~Philippians 4:4

It's important to surround yourself with happy, joyful people.
Today we started filling out papers for a possible new location for therapy 
for our son with OCD.
It was 21 pages long!
I was overwhelmed just thinking about the marathon of questions.

So...it must be time for a five minute break.
This one is a bit longer, but well worth it.
The title of this very creative slant on happy people is entitled 'Merci'.
YOU MUST WATCH this once a week for the next month.
Doctor's orders...just joking.

And here's your flower for this week:
It's a white plumaria or Frangipani and it smells delicious.
From my garden to you for doing a great job
caring for your loved one with OCD.


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