Apr 23, 2013


OCD can be overwhelmingly depressing.
Think about it.
Your own mind is your worst enemy
Your own actions seem out of your control.
Some thoughts are just lies while other thoughts are the truth.
And it takes constant work to tell them apart.
You wonder if the germs on every surface are going to kill you.
And you wonder if anyone notices your struggles.
Depression can keep you in bed for an entire day.
Why get up?
Why go to work when every thought is a battle?
And every decision comes with fear of failure.
But still you have to try, try, try.
Our son's psychologist tells him these words every week.
It will get better the more times you walk right through the
fear and on to the other side.
You MUST try.
Today's break has that thought put to words.

And today's flower from my garden!


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